Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Thumb Tied?

Thumb Tied is an Anti-Distracted Driving Application that stops you and your loved ones from being distracted while driving. Thumb Tied senses when you are driving, and inhibits use of text messages, instant messages, emails and other notifications that may distract you from driving your vehicle.

  • How does Thumb Tied work?

Thumb Tied uses your course GPS settings to determine if you are driving and at what speed. Then, once you go over the 10 mph limit the application deploys a screen in which you cannot access anything that isn’t hands-free. So no texting, emailing or surfing the web while you are driving!

  • What if I get a phone call?

If a call comes in and you have hands-free technologies like BlueToothâ„¢ you can answer the call while the application is running. You cannot answer it if you don’t have hands-free technologies.

  • Can I still call 911 in an Emergency?

Yes you can still contact 911 if you need to. Simply tap the center icon in the middle of your screen for access to your 3 emergency contacts and/or 911. Accepting the prompt will contact the appropriate authorities, or allow you to contact one of your set contacts.

  • How much does Thumb Tied cost?

Thumb Tied is FREE to download and use. We want everyone to be safe, so we’re encouraging the use of the application. There is a subscription fee for you to pair another phone and control the application on additional devices, but the cost is a very small monthly fee that will show up on your phone bill.

  • Where can I get the App?

Right now we have the application in the Google Play store, for use on Android devices.

  • Is it available for iPhone?

Thumb Tied is only available for Android phones. We will have an iPhone version soon, as we are working on that as you read this!